Do you have a reborn in need of a makeover for the next chapter of their story?..
                .....Waiting for you to give them their "Happily Ever After" .
  Little Squirts Nursery does offer " Makeover Services" or
we will complete a blank kit that you already own...
(as long as it is not a counterfeit copy of another artists work.)
Prices are quoted based on the size of your reborn.

Little Squirts Nursery

will not makeover counterfeit or illegal replicas

of original sculpts

 Click on the item you wish to select, this will open the information screen. 

Please take the time to read everything.

It is important that you make informed decisions.

Customer must pay shipping to and from Little Squirts Nursery.


Select the size of your doll that you wish to have repainted, AND selected the skin tone you wish to have. help you understand $$$

To strip a doll properly takes a lot of time.  


Hair removal: $ 18. 50

Plus approx 2.5 hrs 


Paint removal 

Materials: $28.74

Time:  5 hrs 


Stripping total:

Materials: $47.62

Hours:        7 1/2 hrs 

Services:   $53.00

 (= approx. $7/hr)



Costs associated with re-reborning




*Rooting services (depending on doll size)

$200 +++ (34 +++ hrs of work = approx $5.88/hr)


**Paint services (depending on size of doll)

$200+++ (18-22+++ hrs of work =

Approx $9.09/hr)





Weight:$6.00 /lb = $30


Mohair Hair: $90+ approx


Other Materials: 

Paint/glues/rooting needles, magnets, pacifiers, diapers, onesies, outfit, box packing materials, etc: $ 65.00+++

contact me if you have any questions,


Lisa Ann Millar