Little Squirts Nursery will asses the existing eyes carefully to determine the best way to remove the eyes.  I deemed to difficult, or, a potential of damaging the vinyl, the client will be informed, and direction of how to proceed will be given by the client.


This process may involve the use of solvents and chemicals to dissolve or loosen the glue used to adhere the eyes in place.

The eye area will be carefully scraped and cleaned to remove existing glues as best as possible.


This cab be a very time consuming process.


Reborn Makeover - Removal of Existing Eyes

  • Little Squirts will inspect the doll prior to disassembling and will provide an analysis to the owner of the reborn to ensure that the scope of work is in sync with the online order.

    WE reserve the right to return the reborn to the client if the scope of work seems unrealistic or problematic prior to the makeover process commencing.

    Little Squirts Nursery will make every effort to ensure customer satisfaction, however, the client must understand that there are some potential limitations, problems that may occur, and potential for additional investment on the clients end.   This will be communicated with the client.