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*Price of hair is seperate


Each hair (or two) is placed with a teenie-weenie 42 gauge and 46 Gauge needle... one or two hairs at a time.   This is a looooooooooooong process, that can take 36 hours (18" doll) to many many many more sitting hours over several days.  Artists who do root, rarely meet making minimum wage for their time... and it is most often less than half of minimum wage.
While clients may cringe at the price of rooting, it is certainly worth the expense when you are able to touch and style your sweet babies’ hair!
We also offer painted hair, and the option of combination of painted hair, with a more conservative amount of mohair rooted... this is commonly termed "combi hair".

Note: Painted or rooted hairlines, brows and rooted lashes are included with the price.

20" to 22" Hair Rooting (Services Only)

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