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      ...there are villains in every story!!! 

Everyone works very hard to earn a living, this includes artists. 

Everyone also loves a good deal to maximize their return. 

Unfortunately, "Good deals" in the reborn baby world are often "Too good to be true- Nightmares!"

Sadly, there are many unsuspecting, eager buyers of reborn unaware of the dolls the hundreds of online SCAM shops pretending to sell reborn dolls. YES- this does include some major online shopping platforms.

.... what isn't really understood... the beauty of every story, is in the details.

A factory working in mass production cannot produce a quality and detailed Reborn doll. The beauty of every story is in the details carefully painted with the artists heart and soul through many... many ...MANY hours.   


It is impossible to find a quality reborn for less than $100.00.  If you see such a listing, close your website browser down... and walk away from the villain tempting you with that shiny new red apple!... and resist all of those little seeds from the bad apple sprouting up more "great deals".

It is extremely important to research before committing to your purchase... "Too good to be true- Nightmaresare everywhere.  Each story ending with heart break...shattered dreams...and often tears.  























"Helpful Tips to Remember"...


  • if using PayPAL.... NEVER  EVER EVER pay using "Friends & Family" if a seller is pushing you towards that, walk away. you will not be covered under PayPal's buyer protection clause

  • Quality dolls under $100.00 do not exist.

  • an unpainted unfinished "Vinyl" doll sold to an artist to finish is usually $70-130+ USD from the authorized dealer

  • Full body or Partial body Silicone dolls are NEVER EVER less than $800-$3000.00 finished!                Artists purchase quality ones anywhere from $500-$2000 USD

  • Proof.  A reputable artist will provide photographic a lot evidence of their work, and will provide additional evidence and a safety photo when selling on social media platforms and other selling platforms.

  • Safety Photo?  A safety photo is a photograph in which the artist (or seller) places their name, current date, location, maybe the sculpt name on a piece of paper and photographs the reborn with that paper "IN" the photo..... ensure that it is not a "Water mark" (digital signature placed on the photo). If you get a hard time obtaining a safety photo.... walk away... no.....RUN

  • Water Marks... Little Squirts Nursery does add a watermark to their photos... it is our logo.  While this is great, it doesn't protect me the artist from having photos stolen...and reworked by Scam (Villains) pretending to have my doll.  Again, ask for a safety photo!

  • Starving Artists... yes...we do exists!   An artist doesn't necessarily have the revenue required to saturate the market or social media with adds  or "pop ups" on your browsers. Advertising is EXTREMELY expensive.  Artists Listing our work tend to remain on personal pages, personal websites, verified websites our work on other selling buying space REPUTABLE buying/selling platforms such as Etsy. 


  • There are also illegal replicas of sculpts circulating in the market.  The best way to describe it, is Finding a Louis Vuitton purse for $50.  The Luis Vuitton name is trademarked, and counterfeit knock off's are illegal copies of a trademarked/licensed product.   Unfortunately, this has also made its way into the reborn community and are stealing from the sculpt artists.  Little Squirts Nursery will NEVER work with/on illegal replicas. 

  • The not So Happily Every After....  buying from a scam site is heartbreaking.  Most often, the doll you ordered, will not resemble in any way the doll you purchased. Some of these substitutes have actually been jarring to see, and as an artist, it infuriates me.

Here are some links to stories regarding scam reborn dolls. Alternatively, there also many consumers who have posted their SCAM Reborn stories on "YOUTube"


Saskia ordered.jpeg
saskia scam.jpg

What was ordered 

What was received


How to spot the bad apple.....

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