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Eeeek..... why are reborns so expensive?

Please take a moment to read, and understand some of the rationale for these precious bundles of joy. and their value, vs. their cost.


Let me share the costs associated with reborning an average 19" reborn doll.

In Ontario, Canada where I reside, the minimum wage is $14.00/hr


Hypothetical if I were to charge Ontario's minimum wage to produce your bundle of Joy @ $14.00/hr.

** ITEM********************* HOURS TO COMPLETE*********CHARGE TO CLIENT

Kit Preparation                             1 hour                                       $ 14.00

Painting Kit                                  26 hours                                    $ 224.00

Rooting Hair                                34  hours                                   $ 476.00

Assembly of Reborn                      1.5 hours                                  $ 21.00

Assembly of Paperwork/Box Opening 1hr                                        $14.00

****************************TOTAL COST SERVICE HOURS** $749.00

Now, there are the Material Costs to factor in....

** ITEM************************************COST*******

Kit/Sculpt (on average)                                           $155.00

Body & pieces                                                         $24.00

Weight (Polyfil stuffing, glass beads, Stocking... etc)          $34.00

Hair (Premium HP Babylocks)                                       $100.00/ .5 oz

Eyes (Glass high Quality)                                             $55.00

Consumables (paints, glues, rooting needles etc)             $25.00

Shipping                                                                 $35.00

Box Opening items                                                  $65.00 (minimum)                 

******************TOTAL COST OF MATERIALS** $493.00



TOTAL COST OF MATERIALS********** $ 493.00

Total "if" charging minimum wage    $1242.00 

Of course the above doesn't cover other things such as;

 power/electricity, water (yes...water) the cost of courses, the hours required to update and maintain social media accounts, fuel to deliver parcels to post office or pick up materials, duty & Custom charges... Shipping charges from suppliers... PayPal Fees... etc....etc... etc


Reborns are Art.  They are a labour of Love.  They are a collectible with a special meaning for most who desire to have one.  

It is very difficult to earn a living wage as an artist, as we tend to under value our work and worth.  Before you ask an artist to renegotiate their price...

So, consider this...


on your next pay check, are you willing to cut it in half and walk away?

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