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...almost at "Happily Ever After"...

Payment Plans....

Little Squirts Nursery offers a "Buy NOW, Pay Later" (BNPL) option,  that will help you get your babe sooner...!

For custom work, that means I start to work on your babe sooner!

Select either "Splitit" or "Sezzle" as a Payment Method.  You will be directed to create an account.

 You may use a debit/credit card to work with them.   


Your selected choice of payment partner pays me in full, and you arrange you payments with them.

Once I receive payment, I will begin to prepare your bundle of joy for the stork delivery to you.

Please ensure that your mailing address is correct, you include an email address and phone number.  

I will contact you to ask a few simple questions in preparation for your box opening:


                                                    Adoptive mom's name

                                          What your reborn babes name will be

How Splitit works

Splitit is an installment-based payment platform that leverages a customer’s existing credit card. Approval is based on the available balance that’s on their card at the time of purchase.

Customers use their credit card to secure a pre-authorized payment for their order total and then pay off this amount in a series of installments. The pre-authorized total reduces with every monthly payment, which means they can avoid paying interest on a big purchase upfront.

With Splitit, customers avoid credit checks and new financing – everything they need is already in their wallet.

They benefit from a flexible repayment schedule that fits their budget without the need to pay additional interest, fees, or penalties.

From a usability perspective, Splitit is a white-label solution that’s integrated into the merchant’s existing payment flow . It becomes part of the retailer’s brand, with no application process and no need to leave the checkout to navigate to a third-party platform. The consumer just enters their credit card details and chooses the number of monthly payments.


How Sezzle works

Sezzle is a basic pay-in-4 BNPL platform – customers make an initial payment on their debit or credit card and follow up with 3 additional payments spread over 6 weeks.


Financing approval is based on a soft credit check and customers’ past history with Sezzle.

Sezzle is interest-free, with the potential for additional fees and penalties if a customer reschedules a payment multiple times, makes a late repayment, or uses a debit or credit card for payment periods 2-4.

From a usability perspective, Sezzle maintains the Sezzle branding across the retailer’s website and appears as a third-party payment option.


For Etransfer, 
Select Manual Payment
send payment to:

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