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ReBornFX Complete Hair Care Set. 


This set contains 4 hair products used on Reborn rooted mohair; 

  • a 2oz bottle of Hair Styling Mist,
  • 2oz bottle of Conditioner and Detangler,
  • a dropper bottle of Hair Tonic and
  • a half once bottle of Mohair Shampoo.

1)ReBornFX Hair Styling Mist; Used for holding curls or hair in place
after styling. It has no sticky residue and is Alcohol Free so will not
damage the paint on your doll. Can be easily brushed or washed out when
needed. This can be applied to damp hair then style or missed onto dry or
damp hair that has already been styled.

2)RebornFX Conditioner and Detangler : This can be brushed into damp hair
to help seal and protect hair color dye and prevent dry hair breakage.
Contains protein and keratin to keep hair nourished and soft. Doesn't
leave a residue behind. Controls frizz and creates a silky feel to the hair.

3)RebornFX Hair Tonic; This creates the " wet " head new born hair look.
Use sparingly as only a small amount is needed. Recommend you add a drop
or two onto your hand then mix in same amount of ReBornfx conditioner.
Loosely finger apply this to the damp doll hair then style with comb.

4) RebornFX Hair Shampoo; Gently work in a small drop of shampoo onto
dampened hair and rinse thoroughly with semi warm water. Do not pull or
rub the hair. Apply the RebornFX Conditioner to help detangle the hair
after washing.

ReBornFX ~ Complete Hair Care Set

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